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Dreaming Cilento Weddings & Events Planner is an events  agency operating in the province of Salerno and particularly in the Cilento region. At the heart of Dreaming Cilento is  a highly performing team, always ready to listen to each of their customer’s needs and to support them in the best choices so that the result is far superior than they ever imagined, exceeding all expectations. The goal is to create unique moments that remain forever in the minds of those who have experienced them.

Dreaming Cilento collaborates with Golden Poppy, an events’ agency in England, to introduce our magnificent land to an international level.

The Cilento region

A land  with strong contrasts where rugged mountains and sharp spires look out onto welcoming beaches, and cliffs overlooking the sea. A historical and cultural landscape that makes it unique and one of a kind. The National Park of Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni, the second largest in Italy by area thanks to the remains of the Greek colonies of Elea-Velia and Paestum and the splendid Certosa di San Lorenzo. In 1998 it obtained the recognition of a World Heritage Site and in 2012 it was included by UNESCO in the world list of Geoparks. Located at the centre of the Mediterranean, Cilento is therefore the Park par excellence because this sea embodies the deepest spirit: the richness in biodiversity, environmental interpenetration and history, a synthesis of different civilisations coming together.